How To Be UN-Employed and Still Be AMAZING

1. Enjoy the heck out of your unemployment check
2. Work towards your dream job and not just settle
3. Plan your day with rest included with allotted time
4. Don’t allow the EM-ployed to depress you
5. Understand how to maintain your benefits
6. Tell yourself you have worked to earn the benefit
7. Do 3 things each day to make yourself CRAZY happy
8. Save up for a rainy day when you hit the maximum
9. Invest in assets that are valuable and inspire freedom
10. Take action by doing what you love and hope for

Bonus: Get rid of toxic negative people who get on your
nerves and/or don’t make you feel like you are finally WINNING
at life.

Email for tips and resources
on how to enjoy your Unemployment compensation benefits. YOU have worked your entire life and now you have the opportunity to sit and think about your next move. Include “Unemployment Benefits” in the subject line of your email.

Always remember, LaTonya Bynum of Arkansas thinks you are AMAZING so nothing else really and truly matters! Ha!

Be sure to let me know which number or numbers spoke to you the absolute most!.

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