10 Ways To Be The President and CEO of Your Life and Career

1. Start going to lunch with people who make more than you not less
2. Start dressing as you have the position already
3. Continue making power moves as if no one is watching
4. Get rid of the toxic negative people in your life to go faster
5. RELAX and start enjoying your alone time as if you deserve it
6. Be AMAZING and stop caring what they will say, do, and think
7. Apply for the position and start preparing for the interview
8. Invest in your personal and professional life on paydays
9. Start charging for what you give away for free. No more freebies!!!
10. Stop allowing colleagues to sit in your office draining you

Bonus: Stop waiting on your supervisor/leader to promote you. Promote yourself in your own special way.

Email me at latonyastewardbynum@gmail.com for more tips and resources for becoming the President and CEO of your own life. Include “President Day Behavior” in the subject line of your email.

Much love from LaTonya Bynum of Arkansas! Yea, I said it…YOU ARE A RESOURCE and soon your results will speak for you. No worries, keep working towards your own version of excellency. YOU ROCK and ARE ON EARTH TO BE AMAZING!!!

Happy President Day to YOU!

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