10 Ways To Stop Your Mind From Playing Tricks On Your Career

1. Think on your achievements, accolades, and successes
2. Stay focused on things that make your insides happy
3. Inspire others to excel and reach their dreams
4. Get you an accountability partner to help fan your flames
5. Study the art and science of career reciprocity
6. Stop what you are doing because you are about to ruin your image
7. Be in the moment and take several deep breaths throughout the day
8. Realize your imperfections make you unique and non-mediocre
9. The workplace is full of problems; go ahead and be a problem-solver
10. Don’t focus so much on your title but instead focus on your position

Bonus: Stop having mediocre, average, and un-interesting conversations. Get straight to the point BUT DO NOT tell them about your deep, thought-provoking, and AMAZING ideas and plans. Keep it to yourself and make MOVES until your results start speaking for YOU.

Email latonyastewardbynum@gmail.com for more tips and resources. Include “Mind Tricks” in the subject line of your email. If you are stressed then feel free to use the Employee Benefits Resource Hotline and ask about the Stress Management program. Best thing I learned from the program was, “Consider only what will make a difference in 5 years:”!

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