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LaTonya Bynum is a Masters In Public Health (MPH) trained Certified Health Education Specialist who serves as Principle Consultant and Founder/CEO of URA Resource Center, LLC with a combined total of over twenty years of experience in Retail Sales, Public Health, and Health Information Technology. URA Resource Center, LLC, a public health consulting firm, specializes in creative/technical writing, public speaking and research.

Serving over 300+ clients, 20+ mentees and 4 interns with innovative and creative public health programming in 9 distinct specialties: Book Author, Speaker, CHES Exam, Grants, Consultant, Resources, Social Media Influencer, Resume, CV and Cover Letter and Internship & Mentorship.

Bynum is the self-published author of “Tools for Career Success: 101 Answers to FAQs about Public Health“. First author of  paper titled “The Role of Depression in Chronic Disease Management: An Analysis of the U.S. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System”. 

To book LaTonya Bynum for writing, public speaking or research project opportunities, please send an email to info@latonyabynum.com – subject line “New Opportunity” or call her today at +1.501.291.8775.

U.R.A. Resource Center, LLC, a public health consulting firm headquartered in Conway, Arkansas – established in January of 2017. The firm specializes in creative/technical writing, public speaking, and research/data analysis product and service offerings. 

The mission of the practice is to Utilize Research for Access in improving the health status and quality of life of all mankind. There are nine core programs provided by the URA Resource Center, LLC founder, interns, mentees and team.

A resume is a one- or two-page formal document that job hopefuls submit to hiring managers and employment recruiters as a means of itemizing their work experience, educational background, and special skills. Successful resumes entice potential employers to invite applicants to interview for the position. To learn more about the resume program, click here

CHES Exam mentorship is provided for 15 weeks to ensure a passing score. Each week a homework assignment is sent to the student. Homework assignments are used to prepare student for understanding of terminology, application of health education concepts and accountability with study habit which leads to success on the exam and in the career. To learn more about the program, click here

Download the Apple version of the CHES Exam Study Tips App by URA Resource Center, LLC

The purpose of the book is to enable readers from around the world to be able to have full access to tools for career success. 

Autographed copies of the book can be purchased via the author’s website for $25 with no shipping and handling costs for US customers only. To learn more about the book and purchase an autographed copy, click here

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