Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Leading CHES Study Group Sessions

Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Leading CHES Study Group Sessions:

10. Direct aspiring CHES to supplemental readings and materials to those who are unable to purchase the study materials available via NCHEC

9. Provide resources and coping strategies to those who suffer with test anxiety and high-stress

8. Serve as a study buddy or accountability partner to ensure aspiring CHES stay focused on studying and don’t allow the exam to creep up on them

7. Provide homework assignments and feedback on ways to improve application of the material as well as 7 core competencies

6. Coordinate small groups of aspiring CHES who are sitting for the exam. Allow time for meet and greet for networking purposes.

5. Provide test questions as homework to help aspiring CHES prepare and become comfortable with potential exam questions and format

4. Help aspiring CHES to Think Like A Health Educator practicing in one of the four settings. The exam is all about application of the materials and methods learned from the health science program or health education internship experience

3. Create a 10-step method for choosing the best answer when it comes to CHES practice questions from the back of the book

2. Describe the exam and scoring process for aspiring CHES to understand the majority of the exam consist of questions related to Implementation of Health Education Program

1. It is important to find creative ways to work across state lines in order to offer resources to aspiring CHES who don’t have access to study groups

Bonus: Constant encouragement goes along way when it comes to motivating aspiring CHES to pass the exam sucessfully the first time around.

I look forward to hearing from and connecting with others who are preparing for their upcoming exam.

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