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Top 10 Common Resume Mistakes

10. Thinking a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the same as a Resume. 

9. Resume is not tailored for specific job or industry.

8. Inconsistent bullets and month/year dates when describing current or previous results.

7. Long profile or summary statements to describe your GO-GETTER spirit. 

6. Not including preferred candidate education, certifications, or trainings in the first half of the page. 

5. Not using POWER WORDS and lack confidence in presentation. 

4. Not including important details. 

3. Un-professional email address/social media presence.

2. Including the home address. 

1. Generic job titles vs. working title. 

Bonus: Inability to market and relate transferable skills.

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Top 10 Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) Resume and Cover Letter Tips

10. Realize most hiring officials do not know what a certified health education specialist does. 

9. Be able to relate the seven areas of responsibility to the job description.

8. Review the required and special preference details and be able to connect what they want to your experience and background.

7. Decide to re-invent yourself based on what is needed and valued in the job market/industry.

6. Stop looking for positions that only state health education, health promotion, community health and health marketing. Be adventurous and start searching for positions by pay.

5. Map out the job description and link it up with one of the seven areas of responsibility.

4. Have no shame in preparing for the salary negotiation based on the job descriptions’ upper-range of the salary spectrum.

3. Research key words and terms in the job description and be able to use plain language to explain them during the interview. 

2. Have faith in relaying your skills, education, ability, achievements, cultural background, networking ability and AWESOME personality on paper.

1. Use the seven areas of responsibility to research, apply, recruit and interview for high-paying positions.

Bonus: Share your career resources with fellow CHES and MCHES to build an arsenal of tools, resources and documentation in order to innovate the profession.

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