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"My name is LaTonya Bynum, MPH, CHES. I have over 20+ years of combined experience in Retail Sales, Public Health and Health Information Technology within both private sector and state government settings.

With 5 years of professional experience in Technical Writing and Editing, I am ready to assist you with your resume, curriculum vitae and cover letter needs."

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"After two months of searching, I successfully negotiated and officially accepted my first position after getting my MPH. Also special shoutout to LaTonya Ratesa Bynum for the coaching, resume and cover letter help."
"I had been searching for months to find work in Georgia in order to relocate and found nothing. I contacted Ms. LaTonya Ratesa Bynum to help revamp my resume and then some and BOOM!!! Found a great new job with more pay and a better position all within a week. Two weeks later we're in Georgia."

Top 10 Common Resume Mistakes

10. Thinking a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the same as a Resume. 

9. Resume is not tailored for specific job or industry.

8. Inconsistent bullets and month/year dates when describing current or previous results.

7. Long profile or summary statements to describe your GO-GETTER spirit. 

6. Not including preferred candidate education, certifications, or trainings in the first half of the page. 

5. Not using POWER WORDS and lack confidence in presentation. 

4. Not including important details. 

3. Un-professional email address/social media presence.

2. Including the home address. 

1. Generic job titles vs. working title. 

Bonus: Inability to market and relate transferable skills.

For more details about the Top 10 Common Resume Mistakes, email your resume and cover letter to for a courtesy resume review. 

Top 10 Common Cover Letter Mistakes

10. Thinking a Cover Letter is a Thesis Statement. 

9. Cover Letter is not tailored for specific job or industry.

8. Inconsistent resume vs. cover letter information when describing current or previous results. 

7. The cover letter is not short and sweet justifying the required or special preferences detailed on the job description. 

6. Inability to relate education, certifications or training 

5. Lacking confidence in creative presentation, writing style and documentation formatting.

4. Lack of research on company website to include key facts, strategic plans and current initiatives.

3. Professional email address.

2. No LinkedIn address link

1. Inability to relate past experience in story format.

Bonus: Lack of creativity in marketing skills and background. 


Career Assessment, Job Search Strategy and Bold Networking Tips

Three things I need from you to do and to start working on as you move forward:

1. Send me the actual link to the website or a job description of the position that truly interests you and ignites your passion. Still not sure how to best market your skills, education and background or where to find jobs?

Be sure to go to the website. Go to the and complete the O*Net Interest Profiler.

I look forward to reviewing your results with you. Be sure to share the results of your career profile assessment.

2. Prepare now for salary negotiation and know your value to the industry and setting.

3. PRACTICE this script and use it as much as possible on professionals on LinkedIn, At Work and with HR professionals at companies you are inspired by. 

Hello my name is ________! I have researched the work that you are doing. I love the fact that you are ______________. I wanted to reach out to say thank you for the inspiration and continued excellence to the field of public health. LaTonya Bynum gave me your name and said that I should connect with you to learn more about opportunities . I have a degree(s) and over _____ years of experience. I am writing to learn more about contract positions, program coordination/management opportunities and other related opportunities that align with my resume. If they ask how they can help you then you say…. I would love to schedule a brief 15 minute chat to introduce myself and see how we might be able to work together for our mutual benefit.

Bonus: I tell all my clients that I can make them look good on paper but that is only 10% of the job search success – the other 90% is your ability to boldly network, set yourself apart from other applicants and relate your experience and background to what is valued in the current market/workforce.


If you still need assistance with your career assessment, job search strategy and networking tips then schedule a 1-HR Mentorship session to discuss your ideas.

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"LaTonya Bynum - she is awesome at what she does - I know your resumes are AMAZING. Let's have your AMAZINGNESS to go along with your AMAZING resume. If you need help in the image department then be sure to email or reach out to me. "

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Top 10 Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) Resume and Cover Letter Tips

10. Realize most hiring officials do not know what a certified health education specialist does. 

9. Be able to relate the seven areas of responsibility to the job description.

8. Review the required and special preference details and be able to connect what they want to your experience and background.

7. Decide to re-invent yourself based on what is needed and valued in the job market/industry.

6. Stop looking for positions that only state health education, health promotion, community health and health marketing. Be adventurous and start searching for positions by pay.

5. Map out the job description and link it up with one of the seven areas of responsibility.

4. Have no shame in preparing for the salary negotiation based on the job descriptions’ upper-range of the salary spectrum.

3. Research key words and terms in the job description and be able to use plain language to explain them during the interview. 

2. Have faith in relaying your skills, education, ability, achievements, cultural background, networking ability and AWESOME personality on paper.

1. Use the seven areas of responsibility to research, apply, recruit and interview for high-paying positions.

Bonus: Share your career resources with fellow CHES and MCHES to build an arsenal of tools, resources and documentation in order to innovate the profession.

Top 10 Job Interview Preparation Tips

10. Research the company website and review the position description to prepare for the interview

9. Register for a LinkedIn account and/or use your account to search for employees or leaders who already work for the company. Become familiar with terms and what is shared on their profile to mimic their success

8. Review the STAR technique and have three go-to stories or situations that reflect your growth and awesome character as well as professionalism

7. Pick your top three achievements and be able to relate these results to the position, your background, key skills and abilities

6. Mention your related software and technology related experience and how these programs will assist in the position you are applying for

5. Map out the top three core competencies from the job description and link it up to your experience on your resume and cover letter documents

4. Bring a blue or black ink pen, a Thank You card, career portfolio (copy of resume/cover letter) and a smile to the interview. Be humbled and grateful for their time

3. Dress for success in neutral colors, business professional and a clean-cut (gentlemen) or up-do hairstyle (ladies). Remember to get there early – your interview starts in the parking lot

2. Practice responding to the most frequently asked question in an interview “Tell Me About Yourself”. Ask me about my E-E-Y Technique to help you to prepare your 60 second pitch for the position

1. Be able to relate your degree especially if it is public health because most hiring officials in non-traditional public health settings won’t have clue as to what you can and will bring to the table

Bonus: Highlight any and everything that is required or preferred based on the job description for the position. Do not forget to use your personality and charisma to win them over

U.R.A. Resource Center, LLC, a public health consulting firm headquartered in Conway, Arkansas – established in January of 2017. The firm specializes in creative/technical writing, public speaking, and research/data analysis product and service offerings. 

The mission of the practice is to Utilize Research for Access in improving the health status and quality of life of all mankind. There are nine core programs for the URA Resource Center, LLC founder and team.

We make sure everything is easily understood, and that all clients reach a level of expertise needed for today’s hi-tech public health industry.

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