PLATINUM PACKAGE: Resume and Cover Letter Revamp


$1,200.00 $500.00

Revamp also includes two (2) fifteen minute phone conversations to discuss networking & job hunt strategy ideas (pre-conference call) and and (2) fifteen minute phone conversations on how to best market communication and leadership skills (post-conference call wrap up) in the public health industry. This service also includes a LinkedIn profile assessment, coaching to receive an All-Star LinkedIn profile status achievement and final edits based on revamped resume details.


Resume and Cover Letter revamp for public health industry professionals, professors, graduates, students and entrepreneurs.

The documents will be tailored based on one job description.

The resume and cover letter revamp includes:

1. Tailored resume and cover letter based on 1 job description

2. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly documentation

3. Define industry go-to key terminology and develop captivating professional story for job interview

4. LinkedIn Assessment and Coaching to receive All-Star Status (technical assistance only)

5. Hootsuite Coaching for Engaging Network (technical assistance only)

6. Review of job description and highlights of valuable transferable skills

7. 1-HR of coaching/mentorship and follow-up texts, calls and encouraging tailored messages

8. Referral to three (3) mutually-beneficial industry connections within my LinkedIn network

9. Documentation and training on how to update your resume and cover letter ATS documents

10. Documentation and training on how to use resource websites to add value

Bonus: Cover letter with company logo – demonstrates creativity, thoughtfulness and research skills


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