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LaTonya Bynum,

LaTonya Bynum serves as Principle Consultant and Founder of URA Resource Center, LLC with a combined total of over twenty years of experience in Retail Sales, Public Health, and Health Information Technology. Bynum holds a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with an emphasis in Health Policy and Management from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. In addition, she holds a Bachelors of Science in Health Education with a concentration in Community Health and Spanish from the University of Central Arkansas. 

Furthermore, Bynum is the author of “Tools for Career Success: 101 Answers to FAQs about Public Health. First author of MPH titled paper on “The Role of Depression in Chronic Disease Management: An Analysis of the U.S. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System”. Bynum used her SAS program coding language, research analysis and plain-language talents to publish this scholarly work as well as 4 other Health Disparities related research papers cited more than 20+ times.

To Book LaTonya Bynum, email LaTonya at info@latonyabynum.com – include subject line “Public Speaker Needed”.


  • Serving over four-hundred (400) national and international clients by recommending valuable career resources (i.e. curriculum vitae, resume and cover letters), job search listings and tips, mentorship advice, job interview preparation sessions via Zoom, and quality training programs focused on public health standards and evidence-based practices.
  • Mentors and trains over fifty (50) aspiring and currently Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) clients through the Think Like a Health Educator (TLHE) program. The TLHE CHES exam pass rate is 83% compared to the 63% national NCHEC pass rate.
  • Provided five (5) business organization contractual consultations for creative and technical writing assistance and consultations for public health event, needs assessments, meeting facilitation and programmatic reports.
  • Developed an active and engaged network of over six-thousand (6,000) community members, students, emerging and seasoned professionals on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Popular topics include career success planning, salary negotiations and business development.
  • Encouraged the development of ten (10) new start-up companies and began sub-contracting over twenty (20) paid projects to URA Resource Center, LLC consultants with special skills in writing, public speaking and research/data analysis.

fiona kiprop

"LaTonya has exemplified what it means to be a competent public health professional and leader in personal development. One of my favorite sayings of hers is one that maximizes individual strengths such that all whom would listen could realize that, “ You Are A Resource”. How powerful is that? She builds so that her mentees can sustain themselves and multiply their learned skills amongst others in their long-term development”

RENNY john

"LaTonya is a great asset when it comes to developing a strategy to take the next professional step. More importantly, she is a great person and is always looking forward to help with good advice.”

Debbi Mouradjian

"I participated in LaTonya Bynum's one-hour study prep session for the CHES exam. After months of self-study, I had some questions that I wanted to review in more detail. I reached out to LaTonya on LinkedIn to ask some questions- and within an hour- she provided me with a comprehensive study checklist. Thereafter, I immediately signed up for her CHES prep. I learned to analyze the questions and answer them from a public health landscape and not solely from a nursing perspective. I recommend this valuable to anyone who wants to ensure passing results!”

maryann ma-nais

"My confidence, will to succeed, and personal motivation has grown since working together. She is transparent, which makes you feel at ease and makes you want to share your story, without any judgment. More importantly, she holds herself accountable, leading her to give you the very best of what she has to offer. If anyone gets a chance to work with LaTonya, it’ll be the best life decision ever!”

A wide variety of course content available for small and large groups. Review the list of available topics covered in the Tools for Career Success: 101 FAQs about Public Health Book.

Trained in  the Liberating Structures techniques used to empower small and large groups to take massive action. Smart leaders increase productivity and innovation if only they could get everyone fully engaged.

Over 20+ years of combined experience in Retail Sales, Public Health and Health Information Technology. Shared Toastmasters International presentation experiences are used to provide mentorship reciprocity to network of peers/consultants.

U.R.A. Resource Center, LLC, a public health consulting firm headquartered in Conway, Arkansas – established in January of 2017. The firm specializes in creative/technical writing, public speaking, and research/data analysis product and service offerings. 

The mission of the practice is to Utilize Research for Access in improving the health status and quality of life of all mankind. There are nine core programs for the URA Resource Center, LLC founder and team.

We make sure everything is easily understood, and that all public speakers and event attendees reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s hi-tech public health industry.

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Conway, Arkansas, USA
Phone:+01 501 291 8775
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