Black History Spotlight on Constance Jones, MSA: She Prays and Believes Enterprises and The Widow’s Promise



Meet Constance L. Jones, MSA in Administration, BS in Organizational Management

Title and Name of Business: She Prays and Believes Enterprises and The Widow’s Promise

Location: Prince George’s County, MD


Tell us how you entered the field of public health and what your education and work experience was prior to consulting and/or entrepreneurial endeavor.

You know I never saw myself as being a part of the public health arena until a very special person named LaTonya Bynum introduced the fact that public health encompasses more than I initially realized.

I’ve always been connected to public health, in a sense, with my work in the faith community, hospital administration, and public education.  I have worked and served in my community for most of my life so I guess it’s no wonder that my entrepreneurial endeavors also touch the community as well

When did you start consulting/business and what were your motivations for pursuing self-employment?

I started my first organization in 2021 and the second one in 2023.  They both came about based on something I felt passionate about and purposed to do.  Some call it a social entrepreneur. It is such a wonderful opportunity and liberty that we have to take the work that we’re passionate about and feel purposed in and build an organization around it.  I often like to say that I get to do this work.  Meaningful work that impacts the lives of others.

Who is your ideal client? What services do you offer?


My lane is inspiration and empowerment as well as providing resources and information.  My primary audience has been women. I would love to partner with others as a consultant or coach to provide needed insight, strategies on publishing their own books, navigating business ownership and helping widows find a new normal.

What is your favorite type of project to work on and why?


I’m really excited about the work I get to do to help the widow community! Unfortunately, it came about as a result of my own personal tragedy of losing my husband. The work has afforded me the opportunity to help others and it has been therapeutic for me in the process.  The Widow’s Promise mission is to provide encouragement, resources, and support and to advocate for widows everywhere.  Our motto is, There is Hope, There is Peace, There will be Joy!  The Widow’s Promise was launched in 2023 and is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization.  One of the main initiatives so far has been providing comfort boxes to widows.    These specially curated boxes let widows know they’re loved, seen, and not alone.

Many of our readers are considering a career as a self-employed public health consultant or entrepreneur. What is your best piece of advice for those considering or just starting out?

It may sound cliché, but, Just Do It, is my advice. Take a risk on yourself.  I was reflecting one day on all the outside things I’ve supported over the years…in time, money, and resources… the jobs, the people and it was like an “aha” moment.  If I can take risks on other people and things why not myself?  I want to give this my all and know that I showed up for me and that I am worth the investment, what I’m doing has value.  I didn’t want to get down the road of life and never take the risk of launching out into something new or taking a chance on my dreams.

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Constance Leah Jones

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