10 Things To Say To Instantly Make You The Go-To Leader In The Department

1. Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.
2. Tell me something good so that we can celebrate together.
3. The recent Director announcement basically says…
4. I hope you had an awesome weekend. What did you do for fun?
5. You always look really nice. I need to get my stuff together too.
6. I really liked your presentation/email. I plan to use it as a template.
7. When I started I didn’t know about _______ ________ _______ resources.
8. Three things I really appreciate about you are ______ _______ ________.
9. Great morning! Let’s try our best to make this an AMAZING day.
10. Work projects are so much easier and FUN when you are around.

Bonus: The best part of my day is knowing that we all did our very best.

Always remember, YOU ARE A RESOURCE!

Email me at latonyastewardbynum@gmail.com for more scripts, tips, and resources for being the Go-To Leader In the Department. Include “Go-To Resource” in the subject line of your email.

Comment below with your favorite number or numbers. I love #7. Ask me, Why?

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