5 steps to start 1st business

On January 2017, I filed my business named URA Resource Center, LLC. It has been the best decision I ever made for me and my family. As a result, I have been able to serve over 400+ clients, interns, mentees and subcontractors. If I can do it then you can too with decisiveness, hard work and determination anything is possible. Email me at info@latonyabynum.com for more details. Include subject line – “I Need Help Starting The Business”. Call or text her today at +01.501.291.8775.

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  1. Know Your Mojo! Take out a sheet of paper and start writing down resources why people are coming to you for advice, assistance, help, tips, tools and resources. To jog your memory, review your phone log, texts and emails. Jot down the TOP 3 services that keep your friends, family, coworkers, and network coming back to you. You are a RESOURCE and TODAY marks the day you think of yourself as a consultant instead of someone who spends hours of precious time, energy and $$$ assisting others with getting UNSTUCK! Nothing wrong with making a difference and making $$$ for the value, wisdom, expertise, skills and abilities you bring to the table. You are a RESOURCE and truly make a DIFFERENCE! Believe it! 
  2. File your articles of Incorporation! Decide that you want to start consulting by charging for your TOP 3 services. Contact your Secretary of State Office and ask for the Articles of Incorporation paper work, forms, and fees to file for your Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). To do basic business, all you need is an LLC. Once your business start to ramp up you can always consider other business structure options. 
  3. File your Doing Business As name with your local county courthouse! Contact the courthouse and ask about the process for filing your business with the local authorities. Ask about paperwork, forms, and fees to file your business name. 
  4. File for your Free IRS Employee ID Number (EIN)! Apply online to file for your Business Tax Identificiation number is simple, easy and free. Go to the IRS.gov website and fill out the electronic forms for registering your business with the IRS. Apply NOW! 
  5. Set up your Small Business bank account! Choose a local bank that you have a relationship with. Be sure to start going inside of the bank to start building a relationship if you only have been going through the drive through. This will be important in the long term as you apply for financing and other programs to grow your small business. 

BONUS! Consider contacting your local Score Mentors office if you have additional questions about specific of what it takes to successfully run a small business. They have GREAT resources. 

For more details about how to use your transferable skills to develop a 1-page business plan, email your resume to info@latonyabynum.com for a courtesy resume review. Subject line “Top 5 Steps To Start Consulting – 1-Page Business Plan” 

10. Information about the Founder/CEO
9. Information about your company and its’ specialties
8. A call to action
7. Contact information and Email Subscription
6. Site Map
5. Customer Testimonials
4. Social Media Pages & Site Links
3. Images and Videos
2. Search Engine Optimization for keywords
1. Products and Services
Bonus: Secure site with highly valuable blog content

Feel free to use my website as a template for yours – www.latonyabynum.com has all of this and MORE.

Check it out for yourself!

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For more details about how to use your transferable skills to develop a 1-page business plan that includes a website component, email your resume to info@latonyabynum.com for a courtesy resume review. Subject line “Get and Keep Website Traffic”. 

Top 10 Questions for the 1-Page Busi-ness Plan

The 1 page busi-ness plan: 

1. What is the name of the business? What’s the story behind this business name?

2. Have you filed your LLC paperwork with the Secretary of State? If not, why?

3. Where will your business be located? Why? Is this a high traffic area where potential clients reside? Ages? Race? Gender?

4. How do you plan to get clients and contracts? What’s your marketing plan? Why?

5. How much will it take to operate your business each month? Utilities? Mortgage? Supplies? Other Administrative fees?

6. What experience do you have in operating this type of business? How did you gain the experience? Is this your passion? What’s your story?

7. How much of an investment do you need in order to get the business started? Why? How much are you planning to invest? Why?

8. What annual certifications, rules and regulations have to be followed to start or grow the business? Why?

9. Will you immediately need to hire a team to help you operate the business? Why? What skills and experience do they need in order to strengthen the business? Why?

10. What services will you provide at what price? Any testimonials? Special promotions? Why?

Bonus: What makes your business different from your competitors? Why?

10. Don’t hide who you are and what you have been through. Your pain and experience MATTERS most.

9. Allow others to be authentic in your presence. REALNESS begets even more REALNESS!

8. Try to relax then they can too.

7. Use your pain and suffering as a credential along with your BSPH, MSPH, MPH, and DrPH to set the community and world ablaze once and for all: your pain = career passion & longevity. 🌎

Here are my credentials:

Failed Fast: Graduate w/ 2.5 GPA, academic probation, juvenile delinquent, years of depression and part-time unpaid actress, college statistic, and high Adverse Childhood Reaction score – a few of the labels society has placed on my past.

In my best Maya Angelou voice “STILL I RISE”…

6. Use what you have been through to inspire others to see their own light. This is where health, inner peace and healing begins.

5. Start addressing health disparities by helping one person then perfecting your technique to help many more using population based strategies and interventions.

4. Always remember done is better than perfect when it comes to any problem or project. Just getting started is and can be the hardest part but do something to completion.

3. Start small with what you see as a public health problem in your own life then in theirs. Baby steps is how all babies learn to walk upright.

☝<—– see this finger, it is a handsign for 1.
One step at a time. One thing at a time.
So much to address as far as health issues and it is so overwhelming at times.
Start with ONE!

2. Notice the hardest part of success and true happiness is putting your ego in check and addressing the TRUTH about who you truly are and exactly what you are becoming both personally and professionally. Get to the root ma’am!

Forgive yourself for not knowing and doing better. Also forgive those who won’t say sorry. Now you are able to walk in total and complete power starting this day and FORWARD.

1. Believe in your own testimony then link up with people who want AND need to hear your story of how you made it in spite of the TEST. Your own health challenges are worthy of sharing to HEAL the community once and for all.

Bonus: Be ready to share without a care. In spite of the looks, stares, chatter and opinions always tell your story even with your voice trembling.

For more details about overcoming the Imposter Syndrome, email your resume and cover letter to info@latonyabynum.com for a courtesy resume review. Subject Line “Imposter Syndrome Resources & Resume Review”

U.R.A. Resource Center, LLC, a public health consulting firm headquartered in Conway, Arkansas – established in January of 2017. The firm specializes in creative/technical writing, public speaking, and research/data analysis product and service offerings. 

The mission of the practice is to Utilize Research for Access in improving the health status and quality of life of all mankind. There are nine core programs provided by the URA Resource Center, LLC founder, team, mentees and interns.