"What really helped me to take my first BIG leap of faith was when I started focusing on Opportunity over Security. I had to tap into my resources."

Top 10 Resources for First-Generation College Students

10. Network with current students, recent graduates, library workers, school recruiters, high school counselors and professors to understand the application process and ask about creative ways to finance your education

9. Develop your resume, cover letter, personal statement, career portfolio and writing sample projects. Use these materials to re-invent yourself as a “college student”

8. Realize that because you are a first-generation student then the odds are already against you – the statistics show that mentorship is the key to your success

7. Begin applying for jobs where you plan to gain experience, consider volunteering and setting up your LinkedIn account to market your current skills, experience and background

6. Use your cell phone, computer or local library as a resource to learn more about community college and college readiness programs as well as other opportunities that will assist you with preparing well and standing out 

5. Conduct research on the public health (Thx Frances Dean, CEO of Create, Critique and Revise Wizard LLC), health information technology, STEM industries and other related career opportunities that have a 2030 future outlook

4. Develop a 1-page professional development plan that outlines your student achievement goals and a strategy for being successful applying to, completing and advancing your career before, during and after college. Most students forget to put energy into working on their professional and student career at the same time – employers are looking for emerging talented students with experience

3. Use your high school, community college and university homework assignments to connect with local, state, federal and global agencies who have interests aligned with your passion. The key is to develop win-win mutually beneficial projects in order to earn more opportunities

2. Start thinking of yourself as the go-to resource student and emerging professional. Every time you share your resources, testimony, advice and lessons-learned them be sure to document the achievement on your resume and also create a Top 10 Listing based on what you have learn. This information will be content for your first book 

1. Honor those who helped to get you where you are today and strive daily towards overcoming the survivors’ guilt by maximizing your time, energy and accomplishments as you go forward on your journey

Bonus: As you learn-teach and as you teach-learn!

For more details about preparing your college application and statement of interest, email your resume and a draft letter of college statement of interest to info@latonyabynum.com for a courtesy resume review – subject line “College Statement of Interest”.

featured resources

Consultant >

A consultant provides expert advice based on learned experience, upbringing, failures and success

Grant Writer >

Grant writers match organizations with leaders who desire to make a social impact

Resume Writer >

Equipping students, graduates, professionals, professors and entrepreneurs with resume, CV and cover letter templates and documentation to assist with marketing their skills, experience, personality, swag and education to the industry

Social Media Influencer >

Social media influencers share empowering tools, resources and stories to build character

Public Speaker >

Speakers utilize Toastmaster International training and Liberating Structures techniques to engage, empower and educate small and large audiences

Book Author >

The Tools for Career Success: 101 FAQs about Public Health self-published book written and printed – consists of pages together along one side and bound in covers

Intern & Mentee >

Interns and mentors share resources, strategies and tools to empower professionals to innovate the field

Certified Health Education Specialist >

Mentor aspiring Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) on strategies for passing the CHES exam

"tap into your resources"

It has never been easier to realize your untapped potential.

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