Top 10 Reasons To Use Key Words on Your Resume

Top 10 Reasons To Use Key Words On Your Resume:

10. The Human Resources department uses an applicant tracking system designed to pick up on key words from your application that matches key words from the job description

9. Use key words or terms from the job description gives you a better chance that your application will be pulled for benchmarking who will be called for the interview pool

8. Use key words demonstrates your ability to understand the industry language needed for the role you are applying for

7. Use key words demonstrates your insight and ability to relate your transferable skills into the new position or opportunity

6. Use key words demonstrates that you took an extra effort to prepare a well-thought out application and displays your strive towards professional excellence

5. Find time to tailor your resume and application based on the job using the job description and company website

4. Use key words company website to find out their mission, organizational structure, and current program priorities then use your past experience to demonstrate how you can help them achieve their goals

3. Start developing a list of power words (related words that demonstrate your ability to become a powerful force within the industry) that help to make the key words pop off of your resume

2. Be strategic in packaging the application and resume documentation to compliment one another and represent your professional ability to communicate

1. Use the key words to find unique ways to communicate to the hiring official that you know what you are talking about and will come in hitting the ground running

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