Top 10 Overlooked Careers

Top 10 Overlooked Careers

1. Entrepreneur – Say it with me! My name is ________. I charge $50 per hour for my _______ services. I look forward to working with you.

2. Programming Or Coding

3. Caretaker for kids & adults

4. Referral service

5. Health Coaching

6. Tutor or Accountability Partner

7. Writer Or Editor

8. Published Researcher

9. Public Speaking

10. Mobile Notary

Bonus: Personal Assistant Life is too short to be doing anything that is not fulfilling.

I’ve been there and done that. It doesn’t make you feel good or sleep well at night knowing you are unhappy in your work. Get your mind right and do something different. ┬áIf I can do it then so can YOU! Much love! Is your day job making your soul happy or not?

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