Top 10 High-Earner Salary Tips

Top 10 High-Earner Salary Tips:

10. Continuing education short courses will increase your value and understanding of the industry.

9. No need to go back for another degree. Be courageous and maximize the current degree(s) you have already earned.

8. Try for communication, leadership, and management NO COST courses.

7. Be prepared for the offer with your market rate based on industry research.

6. To make more money, it’s important to learn various ways to resolve conflict by studying your team and their habits.

5. Learn to say “I require a minimum of $50 per hour for my experience, skills, and value to you and the organization. I look forward to working with you if you are interested.”

4. Be bold and speak up.

3. Visit and research your current market rate based on the industry and location of employment opportunities.

2. Ask the hard questions to see where you stand with others.

1. Be prepared with negotiation tactics at all times.

Bonus: Have confidence in your personal and professional abilities.

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