1.5 HR Mock Interview Preparation w/ Job Interview Questionnaire & Recap


$1,499.00 $150.00

The questionnaire includes:
1. Frequently Asked Questions
2. Practice using the STAR Technique
3. Strengths vs. Weaknesses based on job description

The mock interview session will cover:

1. Review of questionnaire responses
2. Salary Negotiation and other non-negotiables
3. E-E-Y Technique for Professional Branding
Bonus: Impromptu Questions for the hiring official/committee


Job Interview Questionnaire will be provided via email. The document details a list of go-to questions that will help prepare for the up-coming interview. The following documents and links are provided to LaTonya Bynum to tailor feedback based on the job description, resume, cover letter and company website.

A 1.5 HR mock interview will be scheduled to meet face to face via Zoom, an online software designed to connect people and groups through web-conferencing.

A follow-up re-cap of the highlights, lessons learned and best practices for interview techniques will be shared after the session.

LaTonya Bynum will also text an encouraging message before the interview to send positive energy in order to BLOW the hiring officials’ socks clear off their feet.


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