Business Planning/Development


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Business Planning/Development 3-HR session reviews resume and CV for transferable business and consultant skills marketable to the current industries.



Business Planning/Development

The 1 page busi-ness plan:

1. What is the name of the business? What’s the story behind this business name?

2. Have you filed your LLC paperwork with the Secretary of State? If not, why?

3. Where will your business be located? Why? Is this a high traffic area where potential clients reside? Ages? Race? Gender?

4. How do you plan to get clients and contracts? What’s your marketing plan? Why?

5. How much will it take to operate your business each month? Utilities? Mortgage? Supplies? Other Administrative fees?

6. What experience do you have in operating this type of business? How did you gain the experience? Is this your passion? What’s your story?

7. How much of an investment do you need in order to get the business started? Why? How much are you planning to invest? Why?

8. What annual certifications, rules and regulations have to be followed to start or grow the business? Why?

9. Will you immediately need to hire a team to help you operate the business? Why? What skills and experience do they need in order to strengthen the business? Why?

10. What services will you provide at what price? Any testimonials? Special promotions? Why?

Bonus: What makes your business different from your competitors? Why?


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