How To Apply For Remote Work Job Opportunities During COVID19


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Things you will need:
– The resume, CV and cover letter templates
– An open mind
– Access to a PC, laptop, tablet or phone
– Access to MS word
– Internet Access
– Download Zoom for screen sharing
– Desired salary information
– A list of technical and software skills
– Optional: previous copy of resume
– Optional: previous related work experience

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I keep getting a lot of questions about remote work job opportunities!

I think I just need to do a webinar on the following:

1. How to read a remote work job description
2. How to successfully apply to remote work jobs
3. How to search by pay vs. title
4. How to update your resume and cover letter
5. How to research the company
6. How to research the company leaders
7. How to assess your transferable skills for the current market
8. How to reinvent yourself based on what is needed & valued
9. How to use the Applicant Tracking System to earn interviews
10. How to set yourself apart from others with the same degree
Bonus: How to use your personality to make more money


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