Preceptor Training Session with Intern-Mentee Checklist


$600.00 $350.00

The 1-hour session with the checklist will help you to:

  1. Establish a teaching environment with go-getter spirited interns / mentees.
  2. Communicate with everyone involved.
  3. Tailor your teaching to the student’s needs.
  4. Share teaching responsibilities and expectations.
  5. Keep observation and teaching encounters brief.
  6. Broaden student accountability and responsibilities.
  7. Use the provided intern/mentee checklist to provide support, guidance and resources
  8. Barter time and expertise for a win-win project.


Preceptorships, which are prearranged, are time limited—they last for the length of agreement between the intern / mentee and preceptor. AMAZING preceptors provide support, guidance, and encouragement to students, new graduates, and professionals making a specialty or practice transition.


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