I quit my job as the family first

I quit my job as the family first.

All my life my parents told me to do good in school and make good grades so I can go to college then get me one of those good jobs. I lived my entire childhood thinking, believing, and honoring my parents wish.

Yes, I completed high school. Yes, I barely completed college in the 5 year program (I had one year of fun lol). Yes, I finally got my mind right and enjoyed completing graduate school.

Yes, I’ve worked in the JTPA program as a receptionist-janitor-laundry worker, cashier, a public health worker and now a technical writer. All good jobs.

I have honored my parents wish and made them beyond happy. Now, I see 👀 a new horizon and opportunity in the world of business. This is something my parents never taught me but I remember as a young girl 👧 I used to sell NowandLaters to my classmates. I was that one girl who always had your favorite candy 🍬.

These experiences have all shaped the professional woman I have become today. I have my parents to thank for leading me towards a path that they could only imagine possible for their daughter. Mission accomplished.

I’m quitting my job as the family first and starting my new role as family legacy leader. I love 💘 what I do and I’ve found my way with the guidance of my parents. Bless parents.

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