Ready to negotiate perks & higher pay?

Thanks to 20+ years of experience of what not to do, LaTonya Bynum, MPH, MCHES is sharing tools, strategies and ideas for preparing, planning and executing your upcoming salary negotiation. These unique resources build confidence and understanding of monetary and non-monetary benefits in negotiating for an improved quality of life.

For assistance with your upcoming salary negotiation, email – subject line “Salary Negotiation Assistance Needed”.


Research Job Market Rate Salary based on average of three websites: and


Corner Office
Sign-On Bonus
Company Car
Agency Credit Card
Relocation Assistance
Tuition Reimbursement
Cadillac Insurance
Remote Work Only
Telecommuting Option
Flex Time
Daycare Options
Travel Budget
401k Match
Stock Options & More


After initial email and payment confirmation, a request will be made for initial review of resume, CV, cover letter, job description, writing samples. A 1-HR interview will be scheduled to meet face to face via Zoom, an online software designed to connect people and groups through web-conferencing. Download the Zoom software before the interview.


Salary Negotiation resources and training will be provided via email as well as via face-to-face via Zoom. The salary negotiation documentation will detail a list of the standard go-to questions that will help you prepare for & execute the up-coming salary negotiation. The salary negotiation questionnaire document with your responses along with links to the job description are to be sent back to LaTonya ASAP.

Step 3:

A 1-HR training will be provided based on salary negotiation interests based on research of the job description, resume / CV, cover letter, company website as well as your personal/professional concerning the upcoming salary negotiation process. A follow-up re-cap of the salary negotiation highlights, lessons learned, offer letter templates and best practices for negotiation techniques will be shared immediately after the session.

bonus Step

LaTonya Bynum will also text an encouraging message before the interview to send positive energy in order to empower you to BLOW the hiring officials’, hiring committee and HR staff socks clear off their feet. A follow-up call after your offer is accepted – this call is welcomed and highly encouraged as we prepare for the new employee on-boarding process.

"After two months of searching, I successfully negotiated and officially accepted my first position after getting my MPH. Also special shoutout to LaTonya Ratesa Bynum for the coaching, resume and cover letter help."
Chipo Chavanduka
Resume and Cover Letter Client
"I had been searching for months to find work in Georgia in order to relocate and found nothing. I contacted Ms. LaTonya Ratesa Bynum to help revamp my resume and then some and BOOM!!! Found a great new job with more pay and a better position all within a week. Two weeks later we're in Geogia."
Heaven Shelby
Resume and Cover Letter Client