“My name is LaTonya Bynum, MPH, MCHES. I have over 20+ years of combined experience in Retail Sales, Public Health and Health Information Technology within both private sector and state government settings.

With a combined 30+ years of professional experience LaTonya Bynum & Ankit Parmar, the #1 app and website developer, CEO of Shilp IT Solutions partnered to share affordable and high-quality mobile application and website technology products, training resources and services within the public health and health information technology industries.

For a list of the Top 10 Tips for Developing Your App, join the mailing list and / or email me at info@latonyabynum.com. Include “App & Website Development Tips” as the subject line. Contact LaTonya Bynum at 501.291.8775.

"In 2019, I sent out a message on LinkedIn asking for help with my website idea. Over 100+ app and website developers responded, out of the 100s of responses, Ankit Parmar's response to my request stood out because he emailed me instead of direct messaging me on LinkedIn. His mail was very kind and he shared several projects he had completed plus outlined his prices. From then on, I have been working with Ankit in developing not only my latonyabynum.com website but also my Android and Apple mobile applications. He has gone above and beyond to train me to become self-sufficient in mastering how to use technology to connect with my business clients and colleagues. I highly recommend him and his services to those interested in working with a Technology professional."


Prepare to join the Technology Community by connecting with a MPH-trained CHES Exam Mentor, LaTonya Bynum, MPH, MCHES and her developer Ankit Parmar. With over a combined 30+ years of retail sales, public health and health information technology experience to share.

saved time sifting through ONLINE TECHNOLOGY materials

Professionals save time by working with a MPH-trained CHES mentor LaTonya Bynum and Ankit Parmar who have more than four decades of experience in ensuring a successful app and website project.


App-Website mentorship is provided via virtual video for clients with an interest in developing their first Android / Apple application and website. Both LaTonya Bynum and Ankit Parmar provide training, information, mentorship and guidance to ensure a successful app-website deployment.


Electronic payments for App-Website consultation and deployment are accepted via CashApp, PayPal, Western Union, Venmo, Zelle or via the LaTonyaBynum.com/shopping cart webpage. For additional information, email info at latonyabynum DOT com for payment plans and other options.


Welcome to the Android / Apple Mobile Application & Website Development Program







Frequently asked questions

An application aka mobile app and website developer’s job is to create app and / or websites. This person creates, develops or designs applications and websites. 

While their primary job is to make sure the mobile app and / or website is visually appealing and easy to navigate, many web developers are also responsible for the website’s performance and capacity.

The average cost for developing both the mobile Android and Apple applications as well as the website is ~$1,800 and app/website customizations are $50 (website) to $80 (app) per hour. 

Yes, anyone with access to an Android or Apple mobile phone can use the app and anyone with internet access can review the website.

The purpose of the app or website is to equip clients with a user-friendly way to access free to no cost or pay per download resources to prepare well for exploring business-related products, services and programs.

I took the CHES exam in October of 2004 and failed the exam by three measly points. Seven years later, I decided to take the exam again and the second-time I passed it. The app and e-course is a result of me not wanting others to go through what I went through. The app provides an overview of key terms as well as practice exam questions. The e-course is a 15 week program providing accountability, guided mentorship by a CHES trained mentor and 15 homework assignments designed to build self confidence in the mastery of the 8 areas of responsibility.


– Download the CHES Exam Study Tips app by URA Resource Center for Android and Apple users for ideas and to prepare for the 1 hour consultation call with LaTonya Bynum and Ankit Parmar.

– Email info@latonyabynum.com to request the Tips for App and Website Development sheet and work towards preparing a layout of what your app and / or website will look like.

– Find other apps or website you love and bring a list of those ideas to the 1-hour consultation call.

Currently, the average basic Android and Apple app and / or website projects take 30 to 60 days without customizations.

I highly recommend the following resources:

– Review the Top 10 App and Website Tips Sheet

– Purchase the 1-HR Consultation to understand the ins and out of what is involved with creating, developing and deploying a mobile application and / or website. 

The Android and Apple apps are optimized for all devices. Contact Us

Shilp IT Solutions was founded by Ankit Parmar, and his team has been serving unparalleled excellence for the last nine years. His team and current partnership with LaTonya Bynum offers a combined 30+ years of expertise in corporate sales, public health and information technology.

U.R.A. Resource Center, LLC, a public health consulting firm headquartered in Conway, Arkansas – established in January of 2017. The firm specializes in creative/technical writing, public speaking, and research/data analysis product and service offerings. 

The purpose of the partnership between Shilp IT Solutions and URA Resource Center, LLC is to share affordable and high-quality mobile application and website technology products and services into the public health and health information technology industries.