URA Resource Center LLC Bumble Fund Seed Investment

According to Bumble, women only received 2 percent of all venture capital funding in 2017. Black women, who have been called the most educated and most entrepreneurial demographic in the U.S., only received 0.2 percent of all venture funding, the site reports.
URA Resource Center, LLC is a public health consulting firm owned by a black woman thriving in the South as an Masters’ level educated entrepreneur who has not received one cent of venture capital funding. – LaTonya Bynum, MPH, CHES Founder/ CEO of URA Resource Center, LLC
URA Resource Center, LLC is a public health consulting firm which provides an online service. The firm uses a combination of customer fees, social media marketing and online website generated revenue. The firm does not charge customers to access content via social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but instead, the firm hopes to attract a large base of clients and then monetize by selling a products and services based on client interest.
URA Resource Center, LLC has generated over $6,000 in revenue and has raised no capital to date since company exception on January 2017.
URA Resource Center, LLC is in the early stage of “seed” investing requesting at a minimum $50,000. This money will be used to support initial market research and early product and program development.
URA Resource Center, LLC is raising $100,000 to further develop the mission of the agency.
URA Resource Center, LLC is requesting $50,000

Agencies that have requested LaTonya:

  • Arkansas Minority Health Commission. BRFSS Survey
  • Wyoming Department of Health (Cheyenne, WY)
  • University of Central Arkansas
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Atlanta, GA)
  • Arkansas Community Health Worker Association
  • Arkansas Medical Dental & Pharmaceutical Association
  • Arkansas Public Health Association
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • TRich Foundation
is the most basic setup for financial modeling detailing three statements: income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. The objective is to set it up so all the accounts are connected, and a set of assumptions can drive changes in the entire model.

The capitalization table is an intricate breakdown of the URA Resource Center, LLC shareholders’ equity. A capitalization table includes all of a company’s equity ownership capital. This commonly includes common equity shares, preferred equity shares, warrants, and convertible equity.

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