It is time to Step up our game with trainings...

LaTonya Bynum, MPH, MCHES believes in and even talked about the website in her first book titled “Tools for Career Success”. is an open to the book website which provides trainings and professional development on emerging public health topics. 

Bynum encourages you to invest 1 hour each week in taking at least 1 course on then posting the certificate to LinkedIn and sharing 3 aha moments based on what was learned from the training.

Ready for the level up? Take a dive into my world of trainings by using several no cost free tools to level up your career in Information Technical and Public Health! All trainings are offered free no cost. Feel free to reach out and connect with me via email at with a subject line – “Request for List of Trainings”. Ask me for a list of training courses with IDs as well as my version of how they have helped me grow into my next level! A tailored list of courses will be provided based on passion, interests and 2030 upskilling needs based on industry changes.