What is Reciprocity?

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially non monetary privileges granted by one person to another. The goal is to have a win-win relationship where nobody gets tired because of the U-GIVE I-GIVE U-GIVE I-GIVE back and forth spirit which nurtures high performance, self confidence and happiness in the relationship.

I often get asked “How can I help you LaTonya?”. Tell me what I can do to help you more.  This question is often asked of me by those I work with and those who want to work with me yet don’t have the financial means to invest. After several days of thinking, I sat down and wrote a top ten list. When I had the ideas together, I put the plan into action. This resulted in the creation of ‘Bartering Program’ page.

Top 10 Reciprocity Wish List by LaTonya Bynum, CEO, MPH, CHES

I want to come out and be able to meet you. I would love to demonstrate my speaking abilities, and how WE can be of RESOURCE to each other. You can reach me at info@latonyabynum.com or call/text me at (501)-291-8775. For more information about public speaking, visit www.latonyabynum.com/speaker

You will be surprised with what you will find in my book. I wrote this book with the intentions of preparing YOU to innovate the field of public health. You can obtain a autographed book on https://latonyabynum.com/book/ or you can purchase it through Walmart, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Target and everywhere books are sold. 

Please let me know how I am doing. I love hear from ALL my clients about how happy they are as a result of the investment in my products and services. Making other people happy, brings joy to my family and me. Email me at info@latonyabynum.com with your testimonial. 

I want to thank you in advance for helping me to be of service to even more clients. I want to be the best of RESOURCE to them as I was to you. Tell them about my website, and the benefits that my services brought to you. 

Yes, I love to talk, so why not invite me? I want to tell you about my experiences about how I became a business woman and how I became resource equipped.  Just let me know the time and the place then I will be there. Please connect with me for requests through my email at info@latonyabynum.com or call/text me at (501)-291-8775.

We all need a little encouragement a long the way  every so often. Therefore, send me those inspirational quotes, testimonials as you take leaps of faith and progress updates. I would love to hear from you. You can also keep me in high spirits by telling me how great I am doing with my social media content, stories and resources, so send me your testimonials via text at (501)-291-8775. Hope to hear from you soon!

The more you know; the more valuable you are. I want YOU to see and realize you are even more valuable as you become a better RESOURCE to others. What other way than allowing me to learn from YOU? Let’s schedule a time to talk and learn from each other. You may contact me via email at info@latonyabynum.com or call/text at (501)-291-8775. Email me your resume and I can review it then point out your top 3 most valuable skills to barter with me as well as others in your community.

We are the leaders of today and of tomorrow, so why not unite together? I have resources that can benefit YOU and your career and business. Let’s Talk! You can reach me at info@latonyabynum.com or (501)-291-8775.

Yes, I do have several social media pages at www.latonyabynum.com/social-media and I am very active on all of them. Social media is meant to be used to meet new people, so why not connect with me and allow me to learn from you? You can go to the media bar below where you will find my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Sound Cloud.

Let me see you in a picture with my book with a GREAT BIG smile on your face. I want to know that I am actually making an impact with my legacy work. You’ll immediately see what I do with the pictures. Maybe, I’ll do a picCollage, or maybe I will post them on one or all of my social media pages. Who knows, only time will tell. Email me your pictures at info@latonyabynum.com

Let’s Go For It! I am a very busy woman. From handling my family to my business, it can be difficult. Yet, I may not always ask for help, so why don’t you take the initiative? We can find something for you to do. Just call or text me at (501)-291-8775. Bonus: You can also email me with your assistance at info@latonyabynum.com. I thank you ahead of time.