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The 7 Streams of Income Program offers the most interactive activity you can experience. Find out how your financial life can come alive when you start seeing your own un-tapped potential.

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Earned Income

Trading Time for Money?
JOB means Just Over Broke

Profit Income

Selling Something for More Than It Costs?
Identify a Product or a Service That You Want To Sell

Interest Income

Lending Your Money To Someone for Compounding Interest?
Buying Treasury Bills and Putting Money In the Bank

Dividend Income

Earning Money for Shares of a Company You Own?
Invest Smart on Ex-Dividend Dates of Good Companies You Frequent

Rental Income

Renting Out An Asset You Have?
Renting Out An Asset You Have: House, Land, Building, Etc.

Capital Gains

Increase in Value of an Asset You Own?
Buying Share of a Stock At A Lower Price Than You Sold It For

Royalty Income

Money You Get As A Result of Letting Someone Use Your Products, Ideas or Processes?
They Make All the Revenues, They Do All The Hard Work and You Get A Small Percentage of What Ever They Earn

"I wish I knew then what I know now about the importance of having seven streams of income. Now that I know I teach everyone who is interested in learning from me and my story."
LaTonya Bynum
7 Streams of Income Earner

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